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We are one of the renowned physiotherapy centre in city. Focusing on patient health is our first aim. Our clinic is ergonomically designed keeping the patient's comfort in mind.

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Health Care Software

A Medisevas hospital ERP and Advance clinic management software which enables you to run your core financial, clinical, and operational processes effeicently like OPD, IPD, Pharmacy etc.

Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation

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Clinic Service

We, Medisevas Physiotherapy Clinic and Rehabilitation Center situated at Bandal Capital,Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra provide effective personalised treatment. We are one of the renowned physiotherapy centre in city. Focusing on patient health is our first aim. Our clinic is ergonomically designed keeping the patient's comfort in mind. All patients are assured of the best service in a very non-stressful ambience and thorough attention is paid to hygiene and sanitation.

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Orthopedic Conditions




Carpal tunnel Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder

Post Fracture Stiffness

Post Surgical Cases

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Disck Herniation

Plantar fasciitis

Gynecological Conditions

Antenatal/Postnatal Program

Musculoskeletal Condition

Diastasis Rectii

Urinary Incontinence

Pelvic Pain Disorder

Ostioporosis And Fall Prevention

Foot Arch Strain/Pain

Sacroilliac Pain

Post Ope Rehab

Genral Wellness And Education

Geriatric Conditions



Hip joint replacement

Knee joint replacement

Urinary Incontinence



Functional decline

Balance disorders


Sport Conditions

Knee Ligamnet Tears

Rotator Coff Injuries



Achilles Tenden Ructure



Hamstring Pull

Shin Pain



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EMR/PMR/EHR Clinical Software

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Software Service

Medisevas EMR/PMR is an integrated end-to-end Clinical Software,Electronic Medical Records Software helps minimize operational costs and wastage of resources

Complete Patient Profile
EHR and EMR Software modernizes the whole process to upload your patient’s medical reports, prescriptions, etc Digitize Patient Records
Send Electronic prescriptions to your patient from anywhere and store patient data digitally Manage Diagnostic Reports
Electronic Medical Records Software facilitates quick access to diagnostic reports to the right parties
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Pain Management

Plan of action

Commonly used physical agents in physiotherapy are heat, electricity, light, sound, and cold. Most of these agents are used to improve the lymphatic and blood circulation to the area due to a local vasodilation effect and possible muscle relaxation. Heat to deeper tissues can be delivered using energy conversion techniques such as diathermy or ultrasound. Shortwave diathermy uses a constantly reversing and oscillating magnetic field which heats up the tissue temperature Functional assessment is probably the most important element that our physiotherapist include in a patient's assessment.

Women's health

Plan of action

Women’s health physiotherapy has been approached from the clinical area of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Taking care of women in relation to during & after pregnancy includes teaching antenatal exercises, giving labour education to ease her pain during this process, and in the care of women undergoing gynaecological surgery. We take care of all health concerns of women like pelvic pain, varicose veins, incontinence, prenatal and post-partum Musculo-skeletal pain. Also we help females throughout their life span from young adolescent girl, the menopausal women to the geriatric age group to benefit them from physical therapy.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Plan of action

physiotherapy to older people is a challenge as because the differences in presentation of disease, the unique pattern of ageing in each individual, and the varying responses that older people may demonstrate, ad the complexity of the challenge is obvious. The nature of physiotherapy means that assessment and treatment tend to focus on the physical nature of a person's condition. For older adults, the physical tasks of daily life are an important starting point for treatments. Intervention should include (re)assessment of a person's abilities and difficulties in performing functional tasks such as transfers on/off a chair or the bed and general mobility.

Medisevas Hospital ERP

What We Do

SaaS Service

Medisevas hospital management ERP that focuses mainly on the overall healthcare activities. It is a web-based integrated software which is designed to manage all the operations of healthcare such as administration, patient details, medical history of the patient, appointment booking, inventory management, billing, bed management, drug management, revenue management, ambulance tracking and so on. It provides smooth coordination between the different departments. clinicTrex will help in making the whole functioning paperless which reduces the time and cost of hospitals and make the functioning of the organization efficient and accurate. The main goal of clinicTrex to automate all the functional areas of healthcare. This healthcare ERP results in an improvement in managerial activities and hence better patient care, which is the prime focus of any healthcare unit.

Front Office     

Module automates the day-to-day functions of the Front office management in a hospital. This module provides assisting patient with accurate information and supports in handling patient related enquiries efficiently.

Patient concern enquiries        
  • Bed Allotment
  • Admission Details
  • Demographic Details.
  • Payment Details
  • Discharge Details
Doctor concern enquiries        
  • Bed Allotment
  • OP Clinic Details
  • Appointment Schedules
  • Operation Schedules
  • Charge Details
Patient Registration Module        

This module helps to collect complete and relevant patient information. The system automates the patient administration functions to have better and efficient patient care process. Appointment scheduling deals with scheduling of physician appointments for the patients. The user can see the schedule for a particular doctor; the appointments scheduled for the doctor, the vacant slots available, blocked slots. Based on the slot availability, the appointment can be managed. The appointment can be rescheduled and Cancelled. The hospital can manage Scheduled Visits, Emergency Visits, and Visit cancellations..

  • Patient Registration Details
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Doctor's Schedule Summary
  • Doctors Daily Schedule List
  • Patient Visit Historyt
  • Medical Record Movements
  • Appointments for Radiology tests and Operation

It provides for enquiries releted the patient, the patient's location, admission, and appointment scheduling and discharge details etc. even, this system can takes care of package deals for a patient for a fixed cost..

Outpatient Management Module          

The Outpatient module provide as a start point to schedule an appointment with the Doctor or Consultant Doctor for Medical Consultations. Section supports doctors to take better and Managed consultation action by providing instant access to extensive patient data. This module also handles requests and results of laboratory tests and other examinations test. External Doctors visit to in patients can be handle. Some patients may avail only the hospital facilities like Lab, Radiology, Medicine, and Physiotherapy and so on.

  • Consultation Duty Roster
  • Diagnosis Details
  • Triage Parameters
  • Patient’s Appointments
  • Daily / Weekly Schedule Summary
  • Appointment Scheduling / Rescheduling Facility
  • Outpatient Medical Observation Details
  • Investigation / Treatment History
  • Clinical Service Details
  • Group / Package Registration Facility
  • Common Billing Clinical Services
  • Doctor’s Diagnosis Statistics

Doctor’s workbench          

The doctor’s workbench is the dashboard for doctors to the hospital management. It provides for a single point access to current and future appointments, past history, reminders, latest laboratory/radiology test results for both outpatients and inpatients. Workbench useful for the physician to record the patient symptoms, diagnose and suggest treatment plans.

Features of logged-in for physician     
  • List of appointments booked for the current day or any future day
  • List of outpatients most recently seen by the physician
  • List of inpatients admitted in the hospital under the care of the physician
  • List of pending surgeries scheduled for the physician
  • Patient history as a drill down from each of the above list
Inpatient Management Module         

Inpatient Management Modules helps to manage the Admission Discharge and Transfer Functions, Ward management Functions and Operation. This module automates the day-to-day administrative work and provides quick access to other modules, which use to a better patient handling. It provides extensive data pertaining to Admission of Patients & hospital; Ward Management is useful for Availability of beds, Estimation, Agreement preparation, Collection of advance, Planned admission, Emergency admission etc. The Inpatient module also concern with Ward Management Shifting from one ward to the other, Bed availability, Surgery, Administration of drugs, nursing notes, charge slip etc.

  • Admission Cost Estimation
  • Admission Approval
  • Admission Request
  • Doctor Transfer Details
  • Nursing Notes
  • IP Medical Observation
  • Pending Drug Request
  • Operation Theatre scheduling
  • Operation theatre Equipment scheduling
  • List Operation and anesthesia details
  • Create new medical file for the new born
  • Discharge Notification Summary
  • Expected Date and Time of Discharge

Also manages every visit made by the patient and caters to follow-up visits of patients, along with multiple appointments.

Patient Billing , Insurance Module          

It manages all types of billing for long-term care. This provides more help to cashier and billing operations for different categories of patients like Outpatient, Inpatient and Referral. It provides automatic posting of charges related to different services like bed charges, lab tests conducted, medicines issued, consultant's fee, food, beverage and telephone charges etc. The system is more feasible to capture room and bed charges along with ancillary charges based on the sponsorship category. The Billing pan is used for In-patient and Out-patient Billing and Invoicing Payment Modes / Details,

  • Patient Billing Details
  • Company Sponsorship Details
  • Package Registration
  • User-defined Billing cycles
  • Automatic Room and Board charges
  • Recurring Ancillary charge
  • Auto-generated Codes and Billing Criteria
  • Provision for Pre-billing
  • Extensive third-party Billing
  • Invoice management
  • Adjustments before closing the invoice
  • Automatic prompting of cancellation of services if not availed
  • Automatic prompts for receipts or refunds for any Balance due to / from the patient
  • Confirm the invoice and ready for dispatch and post to accounts.
Pharmacy Module        

This module deals with the automation of general administration process of a pharmacy. This module deals with the activities such as:

  • Enquiry
  • Quotation
  • Purchase order
  • approval
  • Pharmacy drug configuration
  • Pharmacy stores configuration
  • Drug issue to patients and billing
  • Unit dosage facility
  • Supplier information
  • Maintenance of drug inventory
  • Automatic reorder level setting
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase Order
  • request for stock from various sub-stores
  • stock transfer
  • Maintenance of stock at different sub-stores
  • Return of items nearing expiry
  • Destruction of expired items
  • Physical stock verification and adjustment
  • Goods receipt
  • Stock Transfer (inter store stock transfer)
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock in Hand reports

In addition the prescription provision for the physicians to track the patient's prescription details and as well reflects the medication billing details in the Billing module.

General Stores/ Inventory        

This deal with Purchase of Items, Issue of Items, Maintenance of Stock, reporting, request for stock from various stores, stock transfer, maintenance of stock at different sub-stores, Physical stock verification and adjustment, Return of items to supplier etc.

  • Stock management
  • Stock control
  • Stock Purchase through Enquiry generation
  • Sub stores issues and receipt of stocks
  • Stock requisitions from sub-stores and corresponding management
  • Quotations and Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase order generation Advance payment requisitions to Finance
  • Goods Receipt Note and Purchase returns
  • Automatic stock updates on receipt of goods
  • Stock returns and destruction tracking
  • Invoice verification
  • Supplier management and supplier payment bucket facility available
  • Supplier invoice management
Laboratory Information System        

This module automates the test and investigation request and the process involved in outing the results to the concerned department as well doctor of the hospital and its organization. Laboratory module proceeds with receiving the request from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests. The Laboratory module helps to perform various tests under the following categories: Serology, Neurology, Biochemistry, Cytology, Hematology, Microbiology, and Radiology. Tests are clustered under various sections and sample type (specimen). Based on the request the user can input the sample and generate the sample number. Results can be entered based on the sample type either to one test or multiple tests.

  • Sample Result Entry
  • Test Report Entry
  • Specimen Association Details
  • Antibiotic Details
  • Result Range
  • Investigation Request
  • Bulk Sample Request
  • Sample Details
  • Samples Received from External Laboratory
  • Samples Dispatch to External Reference Laboratory
  • Investigation and Treatment History
Radiology Management Module        

Radiology module comes under service like X-ray, Scanning, Ultra sound and so on. Scheduling of Radiology resources and reports is possible. The system dumps all the result details of different tests and makes a Report based on the Test Results. These Tests are carrying for Inpatient and Outpatient. The system dumps all the details and for each scan the system generates a unique number for the scan image.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)        

The system Helps medical professionals of various departments of the hospital with relevant information like medical diagnostic and non-diagnostic things, diagnoses, treatment histories, test results and reports. The module helps access to critical and complete patient data that leads to high quality cost effective and efficient patient care. The EMR has the following features

  • Patient Search with category
  • Patient Demographic Viewing
  • Previous Visit Details and reports
  • Medical History of the Patient
  • Billing Details of Patient

In addition the user can view investigation requests, prescriptions, reports and other clinical details.

Dietary Module        

The dietary module in the hospital management system software is designed to assist the hospital kitchen in providing meals to inpatients as per the instructions of the dietician. The module facilitates the dietician to prescribe a diet as instructed by the physician to any given patient. The module also allows the maintenance of meal scheduling, customizing meals as per patient meals and recording of individual meal orders.

Salient Features:        

  • Allows the user to create the food items groups and food items available in the hospital kitchen.
  • Captures the calorie count as well as the nutritional information of all food items.
  • Facilitates capturing of recipes that are made up of food items or other recipes and their proportionate quantities. The steps for preparation can also be mentioned.
  • Maintains the nutrition information of recipe items.
  • Facilitates creation of a day wise meal plan for the kitchen by the dietician in the system for breakquick, lunch and dinner for any given period of time as per the different requirements of patients.
  • Generates the kitchen order ticket consisting of a list of items to be prepared for each day, based on the bed occupancy and the type of meal scheduled.
House Keeping Module        

The various housekeeping tasks can be planned, assigned and tracked in the module. Housekeeping in any hospital is defined as the provision for a clean; Housekeeping in the hospital management system software includes the maintenance of beds in wards, rooms, cubicles. Beds are released for Housekeeping after the discharge of the patient If a bed is posted for housekeeping, then that bed is not allocated to the next patients till the Housekeeping Department releases it after making the bed saleable/available.

Some of the features of this module:        

  • Facilitates scheduling of various housekeeping tasks in all areas of the hospital.
  • Recording of the completion of the housekeeping tasks
  • including wards, outpatient department, operation theatre etc.
  • Generation of housekeeping checklist
  • Allocation of housekeeping tasks to individuals
  • Reporting of activities pending
Nursing Module        

Nursing or sister module is a way to provide in the hospital management system to the nurses to manage their routine tasks with the objective of improving patient schedule for care. It is tightly integrated with the Inpatient module and other clinical modules for smooth flow of information.

Some of the features of this module are:        

  • Patient Charting and recording: A patient’s important signs, admission and nursing assessments and nursing theses can be entered into the system. These are the stored in a central database and retrieved when needed.
  • Staff Schedules: Nurse can be scheduling their shifts using scheduler in shift modules. The shifts can later be confirmed or changed by a scheduling coordinator or manager
  • Clinical Data Integration: Here clinical information from all the rules can be retrieved, viewed and analyzed by nursing staff.
  • Improved workload functionality and management: shift can be more easily scheduled and determined by the shift modules.
  • Patient care planning: Spend time on care planning is reduced, while the quality of what is recorded is improved. This makes for more complete care plans and more complete assessments.
  • Patient drug administration: prescribed drugs are more legible, thus making it less evolves those drugs would be wrongly administered to patients.

The Nursing module Covers:        

  • Nurse duty roster
  • Change in duty roster
  • Medical observations
  • Patient activity charting
  • Task Allocation (general)
  • Recording vitals, nursing notes
  • Recording dispensing of medicine
  • Admission, Discharge and Room Transfer
Emergency Management Module        

Emergency Management module in the hospital management system allows quick registration of patients and very specific registration details such as demographic information, keeping in mind the critically of this function. This module also collects information related to Medico Legal Cases which is subsequently used for reporting to local authorities.

Emergency Module Covers:        

  • To do efficiently emergency registration of patients by capturing key registration details.
  • To do Schedule Emergency Appointments for critical patients and facilitate their admission on a priority basis
  • Record and show the various incident reports
Blood Bank Module        

This module in the Medisevas hospital Management is quite extensive in its structure, for maintaining all information regarding the blood donation. The details about the donors and recipients are maintained. The module is attached to other modules in the system for wards and OT in the hospital, whereby, any and all blood requirement during surgeries etc that happens in the hospital are known to the bank. Important information and parameters such as availability of blood, cross-matching between donor’s and recipient’s blood groups and blood transfusion reactions are recorded. Main functions of Blood Bank module of Medisevas Hospital Management System:

  • Registration of Donors and recording
  • Blood Donation
  • Need based request processing
  • Returning of issued blood bags
  • Transfusion Details
  • Sterility Investigations and Discard Details
  • Inter Bank Transactions
Financial Accounting Module        

This Module deals with Cash/Bank, Receipt/Payments, Journal Voucher and General Ledger etc. Books like Cashbook, Bankbook and Ledger book can be generated. This module generates reports like Trail Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement.

Payroll Module        

We are more specialized in this module ,The Payroll module deals with Pay (and deduction) calculation, printing of salary slip, salary certificates, and PF statements, Gratuity Statement and provides a monthly analysis. It deals with the maintenance of employee bio-data, Attendance / Overtime details.

It also reports on absent, leave encasements etc. The Personnel & Payroll department is responsible Employee Related Activities like appointing the staff, maintaining the employee database, Fixing allowances and deductions, Leave entitlements, As per contract Act.

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